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„My only regret with this book is that I read it before having Michał show me the material. I know for sure a number of effects would have wonderfully fooled me!” — Pit Hartling

„I don't know how Michał comes up with such good magic, and I'm really jealous. It's like his mind works in a completely different dimension from the rest of us mortals.” — Harapan Ong

„Michał Kociołek is an innovative and creative thinker. I learned a lot from this booklet.” — Bob Farmer

„Such a lovely combination of methods in each trick; would be impossible to discover their workings.” — Tomas Blomberg

Plots & Methods is a forty-four page booklet, printed in a handy A5 format. Inside it, you will find five card routines — an impossible looking sandwich (with a super sneaky follow-up), an unusual card at a number, a card to impossible location, an incredible coincidence effect, and (as a bonus) one of my favorite gambling routines.